What We Do

OTF is the official liaison between the teachers of the province and the Minister of Education. OTF representatives meet with officials of the Ministry of Education, the faculties of education, the College of Teachers and other stakeholders on a regular basis to discuss and promote matters of an educational or professional nature. OTF provides support and resources to members of the profession and advocates on their behalf.

A major mandate for OTF is its equal partnership with the government of Ontario in the operation of the teachers’ pension plan established under the Teachers’ Pension Act in 1989. OTF is the bargaining agent for all plan participants in the negotiation of plan amendments. The partners jointly decide policy for the plan which is administered on a daily basis by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board (OTPPB).

OTF is an affiliate member of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) and sends representatives to national, international and provincial educational conferences.

Standing committees, named in the Regulation under the Teaching Profession Act, always include one representative from each affiliate. The Board of Governors and the Executive create other special committees from time to time as the work of the Federation requires.

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