Election Ontario 2018

In June, Ontarians will be heading to the polls to elect their government for another four years. OTF encourages all members not only to vote but to take the time to get involved in supporting the candidate of their choice. As well, it is a great time to get students involved in our democratic process. This page offers a few links which you may find helpful both personally and as a teacher.

Student Vote

Founded in 2002, CIVIX’s highly successful Student Vote has become the main resource for teachers across Canada to inform and educate students about importance of civic engagement. The program is based on the belief that the best way to learn about democracy is to experience it. Designed for both elementary and secondary school students, the Student Vote program steers students through the entire election process. In essence, it is a parallel election for students under the voting age. Students learn about government and the electoral process, research the parties and platforms, and discuss relevant issues. Finally, they run their own E-day, taking on the roles of deputy returning officers and poll clerks and casting ballots for the official election candidates.

The popularity and success of Student Vote with both teachers and students was confirmed by an independent evaluation commissioned by Elections Canada. The evaluation found that 100% of teachers said they would like to participate in Student Vote again and 96% indicated that they agreed that participating in Student Vote improved their confidence with teaching politics, Canadian government and civics. With students, 83% said they would vote in the future and 90% believed that it is our responsibility as citizens to vote in elections.

Some of the recent successful projects have been the 2015 Federal Election, the 2017 Nunavut Territorial Election, the 2017 B.C. Provincial Election and the 2017 Nova Scotia Provincial Election.

Student Vote provides the guidance and resources needed for the classroom. Many schools have already registered for the Ontario 2018 provincial election.

But it’s not too late. Register now at Studentvote.ca.


Elections Ontario

Elections Ontario runs the provincial elections in Ontario. It is non-partisan and responsible for protecting the integrity of the electoral process.

Following are some of the resources Elections Ontario offers:

Voting rules! This program, geared to Grades 5 and 10 students, features lesson plans, activities and clear information on democracy, elections and voting in Ontario and Canada. It includes two teacher toolkits at no cost, one for Grade 5 and one for Grade 10. Each program finishes with the class administering and delivering a mock election.

Ontario register for future voters – a page for 16 and 17 years old Canadian citizens who reside in Ontario to register and be automatically transferred to the Voters’ List when she/he turns 18.

Voting in Ontario brochure – a brochure which describes the electoral process and voter’s rights, geared to those turning 18 years of age.

All available at Learning about elections.


Ontario’s major political parties

Green Party of Ontario

Ontario Liberal Party

Ontario NDP

Ontario PC Party