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Monday, March 21

Growth Mindset in Mathematics

In this session, educators will explore the impact of mindset on school and classroom culture. Join the discussion about mindset research and investigate the implications it has on assessment and evaluation. Participants will look specifically at praise and the long-term implications on student success in mathematics. And lastly, educators will experience teaching and learning through …

Media Part 1 AQ (online)

This course is designed for teachers who wish to integrate the study of media within their classroom at a basic level, by building a cross-disciplinary style of instruction that contextualizes curriculum for students. Please visit website for additional information and registration.

Primary Education I AQ (Brock) (online)

Basic teaching strategies emphasizing communication (language arts and mathematics); a consideration of curriculum matters of concern to primary teachers in these subject areas; examination of provincial curriculum documents and theories of child development as they relate to communications. Please visit website for additional information.

Primary Education II AQ (Brock) (online)

Basic teaching strategies emphasizing social and environmental sciences and the arts (drama, music, visual arts and physical and health education); a consideration of curriculum matters. Provincial curriculum documents and current principles of child development and learning as they relate to these subject areas. See website for more information.

Primary Education Part 1 AQ (OECTA Spring 2016) (online)

Primary Education Part 1 is an introductory course that provides participants with a strong foundation and understanding of developmentally appropriate theory and practice in primary education. Please visit website for additional information and registration.