The French Immersion Classroom: Enhancing Teaching Practice and Developing Students’ Communication Through Cross-Curricular Balance and the use of Technology

Resources Used

TFO  IDÉLLO À L’ÉCOUTE Guide pedagogique

Français langue seconde 1re à 12ème année

Free video capsules, pedagogical sheets in French and English for FSL teachers linked to Ontario Ministry of Education FSL curriculum

Vers une approche intégrée en immersion

pour améliorer les compétences communicatives des élèves en immersion

Author Roy Lyster, published by Les ÉDITIONS CEC


ISBN 978-2-7617-8901-1

“Les infos animés”

Short, one-minute videos on a range of topics


Publications LesPlan

subscription ($95 for 4 months or $195 for 8 months)

subscription can be used for all teachers within one school, and the students in those classes

Well worth the investment!  For grades 5 and 6 immersion, we subscribe to “Nos nouvelles”

Nos Nouvelles / The Canadian Reader est une ressource sur l’actualité prête à l’emploi destinée aux élèves à partir de la 3e année.

Games –

“Timeline” version “Inventions” and “Multi-thèmes”

Creator Frédéric Henry

Timeline: Inventions is a card game played using 109 cards. Each card depicts an invention on both sides, with the year in which that invention was created on only one side.

Can be ordered online

Easily adapted for whole class use to create timelines, sequence, practise saying numbers, years and to use as a springboard for oral conversation or research on various topics

La littératie en action 

We use grades 3-6

Littératie en action est une ressource innovatrice pour les enseignants qui cherchent à mieux planifier l’enseignement et l’apprentissage des habiletés liées à la littératie de la 3e à la 8e année.

Game – “BrainBox” – version “Les Inventions” et “Il était une fois” (there are also other themes available)

For ages 8 and up , but there are various themes that are for ages 4 and up

Purchased from Les jouets Nancy but you can also order online through other sources

Resources Created

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