Nurturing Creativity in 21st Century Learners

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In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, creativity will be essential if we hope to solve the challenges that lie ahead and compete in a global market place.  A major barrier in nurturing creativity in learners has been a powerful mismeme that suggests critical and creative thinking are distinct ways of thinking.  New research is suggesting that in fact, creativity, rather than being a different way of thinking, is in fact a product of rigorous thinking. A reimagining of how we approach creativity will allow teachers to explicitly and intentionally teach the intellectual tools needed for students to successfully engage in creative problem solving.  Garfield explores a new conception of creativity and offer a framework for teaching and learning built around critical inquiry that supports educators in teaching and assessing creativity by helping students to develop the intellectual tools they will need to develop creative solutions to complex problems.

Presented by: Garfield Gini-Newman, TC2
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