Teacher Learning Co-op (TLC)

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…where YOU select the team!

YOU develop the project!

YOU conduct the research!

YOUcreate the product!

YOU evaluate the effectiveness!


Deadline for submissions: September 22, 2014


Do your loved ones complain about all the “teacher talk” whenever two or more teachers are gathered in one place?

Does your partner refuse to go to any more staff social functions because of all the “school talk” going on?

OTF appreciates that teachers need to direct their own learning and need to have ongoing face-to-face interactions with colleagues to satisfy this need.

More importantly, they need the opportunity and support to accomplish this.

As a TLC member you will be given the opportunity to:

a)  become involved in ongoing self-directed learning;

b)  spend real time collaborating with colleagues of your choice;

c)  work as a team on a project of your determination within the specified areas of focus;

d)  have release time to carry out your learning initiative;

e)  develop and implement your project over a period of months;

f)  deepen your practice and evaluate teaching enhancements generated through your research and discussions;

g)  share with colleagues your knowledge and resources;

h)  provide an excellent focus for your Annual Learning Plan! (Bonus!)

Teachers are self-directed learners! You need time to work together to reflect on your teaching needs and to determine what professional learning would best improve your practice.

Sound intriguing?

The TLC uses a problem-based learning model and is supported by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

It has two areas of focus:

  1. using information and communication technologies (ICT) to enhance teaching and learning; and
  2. enhancing teaching and learning in Mathematics.

If you have an interest in exploring teaching/learning issues in one of these two areas, then the TLC is for you!   Let’s face it: everyone needs a little TLC!

The TLC program provides support for 60 teams of up to four teachers per team. We are looking for 40 teams to focus on the use of information and communication technologies and 20 teams to investigate the Math component.

Each TLC team will be supported with release time. Successful applicants will have time to work together problem solving and designing their own professional learning program around the areas of focus. TLC team members can build on one another’s strengths, experience and knowledge. Together, you can research and develop your own relevant strategies or resources to meet your specific classroom needs. These resources can then be shared with other teachers in your school communities and across the province via the OTF website.

Here are some examples:

  • create Math resources;
  • develop strategies for using iPads in the classroom;
  • develop resources for bringing manipulatives into the Grade 8 classroom; or
  • develop strategies and resources for using information and communication technologies in Social Sciences.

The sky’s the limit!

How do you get started?

  • assemble a TLC team (make sure to choose colleagues who have a similar interest and work ethic);
  • discuss some of the “inquiries” you might like to explore;
  • zero in on just one or two for your proposal;
  • submit a TLC proposal .

To fill out  a  proposal application form click here.

For Frequently Asked Questions, click here.