Campground Rules

Campers and visitors must sign in at the office on arrival, pick their campsite, and return to complete registration (campers) as soon as possible.

Campers must choose a campsite that will not crowd a neighbour or block access to facilities. The registrar has the final say over the assignment of campsites. To avoid crowding campsites, additional vehicles or utility or boat trailers should be parked in overflow areas if the caretaker or registrar requests you to do so.

Parry Sound - Lake SwimmingAdults are responsible and must supervise all members in their group. Children and teen members of the group must be in the company of their parents when using the property.

The beach is unsupervised. Children under 12 must have adult supervision at all times while at the beach.

Alcohol is permitted on the campgrounds, but its use must be confined to your registered campsite and to those of legal age. No alcohol consumption is permitted at the beach.

These same rules apply to smoking (including cannabis). Consumption of cannabis will be permitted however,  not in common areas within campgrounds such as beach, washrooms, trails, parking areas or roads. Privileges may be revoked in the event of offensive behavior and an order to leave the campground may be enforced.

Campfires are permitted only in prepared fire pits. Your fire must be under your care and control at all times and must be properly extinguished.

Respect the privacy of your neighbours. Use service buildings and not the lake for personal hygiene and washing clothes. The shower areas of the service buildings are off limits to members of the opposite sex.

What's UpDogs must be on leashes at all times. Campers must clean up after their dogs and minimize loud barking. Dogs are not allowed on the beach or in the service buildings.

Quiet time is 11:30 pm to 8:00 am. Please refrain from any activity that might disturb other campers.

Radios are permitted, but the sound level must be reasonable. If your radio can be heard beyond your campsite, it is too loud and you will be asked to turn it down or off.

Respect all plant and animal life. The picking of wild flowers and removal of birch bark are not permitted. Do not feed the turtles.

Motorized vehicles are to be used only for transportation to and from the campground. No motors of any type, including electric trolling motors, are allowed on the lake. Wheeled vehicles are not allowed on the trails, for safety reasons.

Firearms are not permitted on the property and hunting is strictly prohibited.

Failure to abide by these rules could result in any of the following consequences.

A request from the caretaker or registrar to conform to the rule or to take specific action.

Written notification from the caretaker or registrar of a breach of rules and the possibility of expulsion.

An order to leave the campground.

Loss of camping privileges for a period of time to be determined by the OTF Secretary-Treasurer or designate.

Every effort will be made to ensure that campers have due process. None of the actions will be taken without an examination of the circumstances. Should Step 3 become necessary, the caretaker is authorized to involve the Ontario Provincial Police if the situation warrants it.