Trailer and Canoe Storage

Please be advised that onsite trailer storage is currently over capacity and that new storage agreements are not available until further notice. Currently, we have also placed a moratorium on storing trailers 30ft or longer (existing contracts will be grandfathered while policies are reviewed). OTF is in the process of revising storage policies and procedures to improve storage. Campers will be notified when the changes will take effect. Please note that storage agreements are non-transferable. Please ensure that your trailer is in good condition and that you are up to date on your storage payments. For more information, email OTF at [email protected].

  1. Campers are permitted to store trailers and canoes during the offseason at the OTF Parry Sound Campground (“campground”) in designated storage areas (“storage areas”).
  2. OTF assumes no responsibility and carries no insurance for loss to a trailer or canoe stored at the campground.
  3. The OTF caretaker undertakes a periodic inspection of stored trailers and canoes and will notify the owners regarding any discovered loss or damage.
  4. The fees for storage are outlined below. The fees are payable by cheque to OTF by September 1 preceding the storage term (e.g. Sept 1/13 for winter of 13-14). Rates are subject to change without notice.
  5. The one way cost for moving trailers to/from campsites and from/to storage is $15 for pop-ups and $20 for all other trailers.
  6. To arrange setup, please call the caretaker at the office (1.705.389.2540) at least 24 hours prior to your anticipated arrival. If you leave a message, be sure to include your name, trailer details, and preferred location(s), subject to availability.
  7. Short-term storage is usually available to campers without off-season contracts in the designated storage areas during the summer at the rates listed below. However, short-term storage is also not available until further notice. Rates are also subject to change without notice.

Storage rates

New storage agreements are suspended until further notice. Existing contracts are grandfathered. Moratorium on trailers 30 ft or longer.

Storage rates are currently under review.

**When purchasing a trailer with the intention of storing it at the OTF campground, please email Jason Healey at [email protected]  to obtain the most current storage information.