OTF Campground



A message to campers




The Campground will open July 1, 2021

Send your request to    campground@otffeo.on.ca

On June 11, a decision was made that the OTF Campground would open on July 1st. We have heard from several campers who are concerned about the impact this decision will have on the staff at the campground. We reviewed our planned opening date with the campground’s staff, and we have confirmed that July 1st will be our opening date. We are unable to share with campers all of the reasons that informed our decision, but rest assured that our ultimate goal is to keep the OTF Campground safe for staff and campers.

Seasonal trailers stored at the OTF Campground  will be put on their spots, as well Dunchurch storage will put their seasonal trailers on the sites, before the camp opens on July 1st.

For everyone else. If you do not have a seasonal site. You MUST wait until the camp opens and register at the camp office. This is no different than any other year.

Driving directly to a site and setting up without registering can and most likely will result in loss of the site as it will not be marked, and it very well may be given to someone that has registered.

The gates and camp office phone (705-389-2540) will be open at 10 am on July 1st.

We are doing everything we can to keep it fair for everyone so any requests before then will not be considered.

If you are new or a regular camper, until further notice, Covid 19 rules will remain in effect and additional “rules” might be implemented as the season progresses. The safety of staff and campers is our primary concern. We appreciate your cooperation, patience, and understanding.

If you are sick, please stay home.

General guidelines

  • Social distancing throughout the grounds
  • Masks: if a two metre (six feet) distance cannot be maintained, a mask must be worn.
  • No large gatherings or any group activities are permitted, eg, barn dances, movie nights, sing-alongs, group sports
  • No group camping
  • Please provide your own hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray and disinfectant wipes. Do not place wipes in toilets.

Do’s and dont’s

Campground staff: Please be respectful of Mike and Mary, the campground staff, and their directions. They may have to modify rules as necessary throughout the season to address new directions from health officials and issues that arise at the campground. They are the only staff at the camp and they only want everyone to be safe and healthy, including themselves. If anything were to happen to Mike and Mary, we would have to close the camp. We have been asked if additional staff might be hired and the short answer is no, not at this time.

Campground office: Only one person at a time in the office, if necessary. The registration and checkout forms are located on the office door and in the mailbox by the fire rating sign. It is set up for self registry and checkout.

Washrooms: All the toilets as well as the urinal will be open in both buildings. There is a limit of three people in the restrooms in each of the buildings. A family unit larger than three may enter together. Some of the facilities are locked to encourage proper distancing within the washrooms. To limit time spent in the washrooms, campers should not brush their teeth or hair or do their makeup in the washrooms. The outhouses are open. Please bring your own wipes.

Note that the washrooms will only be cleaned once per day. Please use your best judgement when using these facilities.

Showers: All the showers in both dockside and beachside buildings are closed.

Groceries and supplies: It is up to campers to bring their own PPE and cleaning supplies. Please note that there is a shortage of groceries and many supplies in stores near the campground, so please shop before coming to camp.

Beach, docks and shelters: These areas will remain open but proper social distancing is required. If social distancing is not occurring, these areas will be closed.

Library: The library is closed.

For the most up to date info about the camp rules and social distancing space availability, please call the camp office at 705.389.2540.