Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the governing body of OTF. It has 40 members and meets a minimum of three times per year: the annual meeting in August and winter and spring meetings. Additional meetings are held as required. The President, General Secretary, and table officer of each Affiliate, as well as seven additional Governors from each Affiliate comprise the Board.


2023-2024 Board of Governors


Anne Vinet-Roy*, Cédric Akerboom, Marc-Éric Audet,  Natalie Beeston, Nathalie Drolet, Patrice Dufour, Yves Durocher, Anne Lavoie, Gabrielle Lemieux, Théophile Rwigimba

Karen Brown*, Gundi Barbour, Shirley Bell, Nathan Core, Mary Fowler, Juan-Yahya Gairey, Dave Mastin, Sharon O’Halloran, Mario Spagnuolo, Sylvia van Campen

René Jansen in de Wal*, Julie Altomare-DiNunzio, Rick Belisle, David Church, Chris Cowley, Barb Dobrowolski, Paul Kiely, Tracey Pecarski, Anthony Rocchio,  Andrew Robertson

Karen Littlewood*, Andy Adzic,  Michael Foulds, Chris Goodsir, Stephen Helleiner, Martha Hradowy, Malini Leahy, Kelly McCarthy, Shannon Vandenberghe, Rebekkah Wilkin

* Affiliate President