Chris Cowley, President

Chris Cowley is the 78th President of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF).

Chris obtained his honours B.A., B. Ed and M.ED. at the University of Western Ontario. From 2004, he has been a teacher of Canadian and World Studies and Religious Studies at St. John’s College in Brantford.

He has contributed beyond the classroom in various extracurricular activities, including coaching baseball and as the faculty advisor for the students’ council.

Since 2005, Chris has been active in the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA) both locally and provincially. At the local level, he served ten years on the executive of the Brant Haldimand-Norfolk OECTA Unit as well as Political Advisory Chair and on a range of committees including Professional Development, Staffing and Bargaining.

As a member of the OECTA Provincial Executive, Chris served as the OTF Table Officer and represented OECTA at numerous labour events including the Canadian Teachers’ Federation Annual General Meeting and the Canadian Labour Congress Convention. Since 2010, Chris has served as an OTF Governor. His interest in business and the economy is a natural fit for pension issues. Chris states, “as a global investor, OTPP is working to meet the promise of retirement for our members; it’s the role of OTF to ensure teachers’ voices are heard within the pension partnership.”

Chris’ career has been guided by his dedication to publicly funded education, OTF members, and students. “As we continue to navigate the pandemic in our schools, teachers will be a voice for students and advocate for the resources needed to keep our classrooms safe” Cowley states. “OTF has always stood for a quality, publicly funded education system, and as we begin a new school year and work to mitigate the threat of COVID-19, OTF will continue this advocacy.”

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