Senior Staff

Ian S. Pettigrew
[email protected]

Lindy Amato
Director, Professional Affairs
[email protected]

Jeffrey Barber
Director, Pension and Economic Affairs
[email protected]

Ronda Allan
Manager, Communications
[email protected]

Moses Velasco
Director, Curriculum & Assessment
[email protected]

Debbie Farrow
Human Resources/Office Manager
[email protected]

Azieb Mesfin
Accounting Manager
[email protected]

Paige Moore
Senior Assistant to the Executive & Secretary-Treasurer
[email protected]


Support Staff

Patricia Belleli, Simon Bradley, Terrance Davidson, Jason Healey, Daniel Leduc, Amy Mailhot, Adele Martino, Michelle Rouleau, Clare Wei, Alexis Wspanialy, Mike Jankovich