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OTF thanks Ontario’s educators 

OTF thanks the educators in our schools for ensuring that our students receive the highest quality education. Ontario education is acknowledged as one of the best in the world. In light of the current climate in Ontario, teachers continue to go beyond the limit in preparing our students to be productive and caring members of our society.

News highlights

Teachers and what’s happening in our schools is the subject of many news stories. OTF will post some of these stories to share the good news but also highlight some of the effects of the cuts. This is not intended to cover all the news stories.

The Economic Case for Investing in Education, 2019 Conference Board of Canada Report, June 2019 – This report was prepared by the Conference Board of Canada for the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation. A quote from the conclusion of the report: Our findings suggest that changes in public education spending have a significant impact on the province’s economic performance, including an estimated total increase in Ontario’s economic activity of $371 million from a 1 per cent increase in public education spending.

B.C. students who took music classes scored higher than peers in math, science and English: study, The Globe and Mail, June 24, 2019

The excellence of Ontario’s publicly funded education is due to the commitment and professionalism of its teachers. The winners of the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Education exemplify this excellence. Ontario has 10 winners of the Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence and four winners of the Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence in STEM.

WDHS teacher Rob Flosman wins 2019 Sharon Enkin Award, Flamboroughreview.com, April 8, 2019. To read more, click on icon.

Public school students take home hardware at Skills Ontario, SOOtoday.com, May 19, 2019.


OTF Infographics


Ontario’s graduation rates
Ontario’s students succeed in Math
Ontario’s students perform well in Science
Ontario’s students excel in Reading
Ontario’s Grade 10 students are financially literate


Teacher union campaigns for publicly funded education

#ENSEMBLEPOURAGIR: L’association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens (AEFO)
BuildingBetterSchools: The Elementary Teachers of Ontario (ETFO)
No cuts to education: The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF)
Here for Students: The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF)


Other websites promoting publicly funded education

Ontario Education Cuts:  a site which tracks the number of cuts, hosted by Andrew Campbell, an Ontario elementary teacher
The Ontario Student Trustees’ Association/l’Association des Élèves Conseillers/ères de l’Ontario (OSTA-AECO): elected student trustees representing over two million students in Ontario’s publicly funded education: https://www.osta-aeco.org/
People for education: an independent, non-partisan organization, fueled by a belief in the power and promise of public education