Greer Award

Greer Award, 1947-2019

The Greer Award recognized an individual or organization for outstanding contributions to publicly funded education in Ontario. It was established in 1947 in memory of Dr. V.K. Greer, a distinguished Ontario educator. Dr. Greer taught most of his career in elementary schools and progressed in education to become the Chief Inspector of Public and Separate Schools for Ontario in 1925. The year before his death, Dr. Greer was promoted to the office of Superintendent of Elementary Education for Ontario. Because of their high regard for Dr. Greer, his colleagues established a fund as a memorial to the man and his contributions to public education.

OTF administered the award from 1947 to 2019. During this time, all recipients, through their contributions to publicly funded education in Ontario, were outstanding and deserving of the award.

List of recipients