Greer Award

Suzanne Bonneville receives 2019 Greer Award

L to R:  Rémi Sabourin, AEFO President; Suzanne Bonneville, Association francophone de parents d’enfants dyslexiques (AFPED+), and Diane Dewing, OTF President

The first Greer Award was presented in 1947 – three years after OTF was founded. The award was presented to the Research Committee of the Ontario School Inspectors’ Association. Inspectors in our schools are long forgotten but the Greer Award is not.

The award recognizes an individual or organization for outstanding contributions to publicly funded education in Ontario.

This year, OTF and the Affiliates were proud to present the Greer Award to Suzanne Bonneville, the founder of the Association francophone de parents d’enfants dyslexiques (AFPED+).

A consultant in learning disabilities and literacy, Suzanne Bonneville taught at the high school level for 29 years in Ottawa. At that time, there were few resources and little support for parents or education stakeholders working with students who had an academic learning disability. As a teacher and mother of a daughter who was having academic difficulties with reading and writing, Suzanne knew that some children faced a difficult journey in school and life because of a disability that is invisible to society.

Aiming to raise awareness of and inform education stakeholders about learning disorders, in 1999, Suzanne established the Association francophone de parents d’enfants dyslexiques (AFPED, now known as AFPED+). The organization is composed entirely of volunteer parents who, among other things, assist parents in finding their way through the system and working with the school for the child’s benefit and look after resources for education stakeholders.

AFPED+ is the only franco-ontarien organization that provides direct support to the parents of children with a learning disability. The organization also promotes French-language education and school-family partnerships. AFPED+ provides support to parents and education stakeholders through such venues as conferences, resources, e-counselling, and videos.

Suzanne is the ambassador for children who learn in a different way. Through her determination and commitment for the academic and social success of all children, she has made the AFPED+ an irreplaceable organization for Ontario’s francophone community.


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