OTF Special Recognition Award


For contributions to publicly funded education 



The OTF Special Recognition Award is presented annually to an organization, group or individual in acknowledgement of outstanding contributions to publicly funded education in Ontario, beyond the school board level.

The Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF) is pleased to announce that Leigh Cassell is the winner of the new OTF Special Recognition Award presented annually to an organization, group or individual in acknowledgement of outstanding contributions to publicly funded education in Ontario, beyond the school board level.

“The excellence of Ontario’s publicly funded education system is supported and enhanced by many individuals and groups who are external to Ontario’s school boards,” states Anne Vinet-Roy, OTF President. “OTF is very pleased to recognize the contributions that Leigh Cassell has made for many years to support Ontario’s educators and students.”

Leigh Cassell is CEO at Digital Human Library (dHL), and Founder and President of the Digital Human Library Foundation. In 2011, she launched dHL to address the urban and rural gaps in education by using digital technologies to connect students with people, places, and ideas around the world. Leigh has become known as a dynamic influencer and reflective practitioner, highly skilled in building networked learning communities in ways that facilitate relationships for learning, cultivate emotional intelligence and nurture leadership in education.

“I am honoured to be recognized by my peers in education. I share this award with all our Ontario innovative educators. This award represents their countless hours of leadership and imagination,” states Leigh Cassell. “That is why I founded Digital Human Library over a decade ago. It’s now a community of thousands of teachers who go above and beyond to get the right people and digital content for their kids every day. I celebrate this award with these teachers who shape modern education in Ontario.”

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Nominations reopen on January 11, 2021.

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