mindyourmind: Mental Health in the Classroom

Join mindyourmind, a national youth mental health and engagement program, to explore the landscape of youth mental health in Canada, and learn about some online tools and resources that could be used to support and empower young people to reach out, get help and give help!  In this session, we’ll learn about what mindyourmind is and why they engage youth to co-create resources, explore what a mentally healthy school might look like, and introduce a freely accessible online resource, mytoolkit.ca, that can be used right away in the classroom to support classroom learning about mental health and wellbeing.  mindyourmind’s resources are geared at youth aged 14-24, so this session may be best suited for Intermediate/Senior grade level educators.

Audience: Intermediate/Senior


Presenter Bio: Andrea has been an educator since 2002, working with youth in both the public and private sector.  She has been the Curriculum Writer at mindyourmind since 2010, and loves the process of working with young adults and the rest of her team to develop resources that will, hopefully, expand people’s knowledge and understanding of mental health.