February, 2024

Wellness Webinars from Wade Repta


Beyond resilience and burnout- mental health challenges in education. – Register

Coming out of COVID we were all well versed in resilience and burnout. Though these are still key mental health topics for teachers, there are other challenges teachers face, including more serious mental illness, addictions, and PTSD.

Tuesday March 5th  4:30-5:30pm


Wade Repta is the vice president of humanworks, co-founder of humanworks press, and author of The Well Teacher.  Wade is an Occupational Therapist who has worked with teachers and educators for over 20 years to help them minimize barriers and remain working in the classroom.  He has provided many years of clinical support to humanworks consultants, and continues to work with teachers throughout BC as part of the BCTF Health and Wellness Program, and The Well Teacher Groups. 

Wade’s passion and commitment to the well-being of teachers compelled him to write The Well Teacher, a resource guide that empowers teachers to take greater control of their own wellness. He believes that with the information found in his book teachers will have a better understanding of their own wellness, ultimately enabling them to thrive in the classroom. Wade leads the development of specialized products and services related to The Well Teacher, and his goal is to reach as many teachers as possible to help them remain well in their classrooms. 


Coming up in March…

Building integrated curriculum to support intermediate literacy and Language skills – Register

Olivia Pellegrino will provide an overview of how to integrate the new grades 7 and 8 Language curriculum into cross-curricular teaching. Strategies will be provided for best practices in teaching literacy, including reading and writing, across subject areas with a focus on Math and Science.

Olivia is a Special Education teacher and educational researcher with an interdisciplinary background in English Literature and Health Studies. She has worked in both K-12 and post-secondary education and is currently teaching in a Grade 7/8 Gifted Classroom. Olivia’s work in education is focused on developing creative and practical pedagogies rooted in cultural competencies and the principles of gamification. As a teacher, coach, and mentor, Olivia’s passions include curriculum development, coaching volleyball, cross-curricular literacy, and developing STEAM capacities in educators and students.

Tuesday  March 26th  4:30-5:30 pm


Junior LITeracy: Tending the Fire – Register

Lyndsay Buehler and Jehan Lalor give us a peek inside two Junior literacy learning spaces to see how two classroom educators are responding both to the 2023 Language curriculum and to the students who are bringing it to life.

Thursday  March 28th  4:30-5:45 pm

Hi! I’m Lyndsay Buehler and I’m currently teaching Grade 4/5, having recently returned to the classroom after several years as a K-8 curriculum consultant. I’m in my 17th year with the Waterloo Region District School Board. I’m a crafter, musician, and notebooker, on a mission to make all the things and read all the books. One of my big goals in the classroom is to help students discover the joy and agency of multimodal literacy.


My name is Jehan Lalor and I currently teach grade 4 in the Toronto District School Board. This is my 19th year of teaching and most people would classify me as an educator and traveller with an obsession for picture books. Critical literacy, foundational skills and culturally responsive teaching are some of the goals in my classroom this year.


Coming up in April…

Teaching “Well” – Finding Your Path During Challenging Times – Part 1- Register

Teacher stress and well-being continue to be concerns, post-pandemic. Teachers consistently report that they are being asked to do more with less and that current work expectations are overwhelming and unsustainable. As society continues to become more complex, schools mirror this reality. Increasingly, teachers experience high levels of stress, lower job satisfaction and signs of burn out.

When teachers experience joy, creativity and empowerment related to their work, their efforts are rewarding, and job satisfaction improves. This two-part series aims to provide a variety of tools, strategies and resources, to support teacher well-being and self-efficacy, leading to a more rewarding and fulfilling career. – Host Tawnya Johnston

Tuesday April 9th  4:30-5:30 pm

Teaching “Well” – Finding Your Path During Challenging Times – Part 2- Register

The second part of this series continues a journey of discovery, as teachers find their path during challenging times. Participants revisit what they learned in part one, assessing what worked for them, and where they wish to focus their attention and energy. Teachers will also have the opportunity to learn additional tools and strategies for a more sustainable and joyful career. – Host Tawnya Johnston

Tuesday April 30th  4:30-5:30 pm

Tawnya Johnston is an experienced teacher and provincial presenter who feels passionate about teaching and learning. Throughout her 25 years of teaching, she led workshops and facilitation in classroom management, behaviour interventions, team building, student engagement and mental health. Tawnya believes in the power of connection, focusing on the importance of relationships. She knows that teachers already do so many incredible things well and that a few small changes can set us on a path of growth and empowerment.

Cultivating Community & Collaboration via Digital Media Literacy: A Project-based Approach to ENL1W – Register

How do we help students listen to others with curiosity and openness in an age of social media bubbles and heightened tensions? How does digital media shape or reaffirm our identities, beliefs and values, as well as our understanding of others? This webinar will explore how the new ENL1W curriculum – specifically Strand A’s focus on transferable skills, digital media literacy, and diverse voices – provides an opportunity for students to explore the stories that influence our lives and communities. – Host: Alexandra Woods & Amanda Potts

Tuesday April 16th  4:30-5:30 pm

Alexandra Woods is a secondary literacy coach with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. She works with teachers across subjects and schools to support cross-curricular, school-wide literacy planning. She is also deeply engaged in supporting fellow educators to embed the science of reading into authentic learning experiences, including digital media projects.


Amanda Potts teaches English in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. This semester, she is teaching grade 9 English and Writers’ Craft, exploring how to integrate students’ experiences with media into the classroom. She believes that reading is an equity issue. She is always trying to match the right book to the right student, and spends a lot of time insisting that good writing is really a matter of practice. Sometimes students even believe her.