OTF Coding Connections

OTF Coding Connections was a unique opportunity for teachers to pursue their own personal and professional learning goals using Lynx and/or MicroWorlds JR.

The initiative was part of Code to Learn, a program funded by the Government of Canada, which offers free resources to Canadian students and teachers to help them learn coding, computational thinking and 21st century skills. Code To Learn focuses on learning to code and “coding to learn” by supporting activities in diverse subject areas and across broad curriculum goals.

How did it work?

  • Small grants of up to $5,000 were available for teacher-led teams to build an OTF Coding Connections project. Preference was given to those in rural, remote and Francophone school settings.
  • The grants could be used for release time, professional development, resources, materials or any other reasonable, related expenses to support your project.
  • Funds could not be used to purchase hardware.
  • Participants received training and free access for themselves and their schools to Lynx and Microworlds JR .
  • Access to free online courses, webinars and a designated space for project communication and collaboration were also provided.
  • OTF mentors helped guide and support Coding Connections projects as they were administered.

How did the Coding Connections projects turn out? See our amazing project reports here.

Helpful Resources

Here are some helpful resources used for the OTF Coding Connections projects: