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Organize, Collaborate and Share: Lesson Planning Simplified

OTF is pleased to announce a new initiative in partnership with Planboard, a web and iPad app that simplifies lesson planning and scheduling for teachers and supports collaboration among teachers.

With free access to all OTF members, OTF Planboard enables teachers to get organized with their lesson plans online. Teachers can create, edit and share in one seamless experience.

Over 250 sample lessons– created by Ontario teachers for Ontario teachers – are already available and can easily be added into your daily lesson plans. These plans can be personalized for particular classes or courses using the integrated planner.  Best of all, Ontario curriculum expectations are all built into OTF Planboard. You can embed curriculum expectations, images or videos, and attach documents to your lessons.

Live, in-service sessions will be available through OTF Connects this fall to support teachers in their use of OTF Planboard.

To set up your free OTF Planboard account, click here.

Getting started with OTF Planboard?

Check out the OTF Planboard webinars at OTF Connects past webinars.

These interactive sessions will introduce you to OTF Planboard basics including

  • your account: features and options,
  • setting up your planner (by day, week, month and year),
  • searching lessons and curriculum expectations,
  • creating, editing and sharing lessons,
  • classroom applications,
  • troubleshooting,
  • and more!