Teacher Learning and Leadership Program


Launched in 2007, the Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (TLLP) was a joint partnership initiative between OTF and the Ontario Ministry of Education with shared goals to support experienced teachers to undertake self-directed advanced professional development; develop teachers’ leadership skills for sha

Central to the development of the TLLP were a series of profound questions about meaningful professional learning and teacher leadership, including
What should authentic professional learning look like for experienced teachers?
How might experienced teachers be engaged and inspired to learn from and with each other?
How could classroom practice become deprivatized and shared beyond the four walls of individual classrooms?
How might this type of intentional sharing of knowledge and practice foster teacher leadership?

For 12 years, literally hundreds of TLLP projects revealed the high impact and tremendous education system outcomes of supporting experienced teachers to become leaders of learning – including their own learning, the professional learning of other teachers and partners, and their students’ learning.

While the Ontario Government is not currently funding TLLP projects, the learning from this powerful initiative still continues.

TLLP Projects: Sample TLLP projects. (Coming soon)

TLLP Research: Key research on the TLLP from 2012-2018.

TLLP Events: Videos of TLLP events and inspirational keynote speeches about TLLP.

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