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Monday, April 02
Tuesday, April 03

Co-operative Education Part 1 AQ (OECTA Spring 2018) (online)

Participating in the Cooperative Education Part 1 course, teachers begin critically exploring and enhancing professional practices, critical pedagogies, knowledge and skills related to cooperative education. Highlights include: exploring the creation of positive, equitable, accepting and safe learning environments in school and out-of-school placements in the community exploring ways to connect student’s authentic experiences and related …

French as a Second Language (FSL) Part 1, Part 2, Specialist AQ (OECTA Spring 2018) (online)

Part 1 – This course is designed to develop awareness and understanding of classroom theory and practice in French as a Second Language. As an introductory course, Part 1 provides participants with a strong foundation and understanding of the vision and underlying philosophy related to French as a Second Language. Participants will acquire these basic …