From 2014–2018, students, teachers and administrators from nine schools in Norway, Alberta and Ontario joined together to focus on how they could enhance excellence through equity in the subject area of mathematics. Called NORCAN, this collaborative venture was supported by teacher federations in all three jurisdictions and, uniquely in Ontario, via a partnership between the Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF) and Ontario Ministry of Education.

Over the course of four years, educators opened the doors to their schools and classrooms and, by doing so, opened their hearts and minds to the wit, wisdom and wonder of their students, their colleagues and themselves. To read more about Ontario’s participation in NORCAN, see NORCAN – Ontario’s Learning Journey, A report of the NORCAN Ontario partners, June 2019.

The NORCAN partnership is also featured in a chapter by Dr. Carol Campbell (OISE) and Dr. Sharon Alexander, entitled “Teacher Identity, Professional Learning and Leadership: An Ontario Case Study”, which appears in the 2019 book, Constructing Teachers’ Professional Identities, published by Education International.

As of November 2019, an international report, written by Dr Dennis Shirley of Boston College, can also be accessed here.