Parent Engagement

A website to promote teacher-parent relationships


Parent Engagement, developed by the Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF) with funding from the Ministry of Education, is the latest in a series of projects to assist teachers in the classroom.

The website is a complete guide to working with parents and guardians. It includes short vignettes, podcasts and practical tips and other helpful resources for teachers.

Seven modules allow the user to explore the following facets of parent engagement:

  • Establishing positive relationships with parents and guardians
  • Modeling effective communication with parents and guardians
  • Working with parents and guardians to support students’ academic success
  • Inviting parents’ and guardians’ contributions to school life
  • Engaging parents and guardians in wellbeing and safety issues
  • Addressing equity issues and concerns with parents and guardians
  • Managing and resolving conflicts with parents and guardians.

A companion print resource, Parent Engagement: Supporting Elementary and Secondary Teachers Working with Parents and Guardians, is now available. Copies have been sent to every school in publicly-funded boards. If you wish further information or copies of the print resource, please contact us.

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