Coding Purposeful Practice Activities in Elementary Mathematics

This session introduces Scratch projects that will encourage students to practice math operations such as addition/subtraction, and multiplication/division. Rather than simply playing the games, students can become active coders by modifying and tweaking the code in the programs. They will be able to build upon the math concepts demonstrated in the original game and can be challenged to create their own projects, such as a personalized calculator. No experience is required, but you will need a computer or Chromebook to participate.

Presenter: Scott McKenzie

Audience: Elementary


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Encourage Students to Tinker (in Mathematics):

Does it Add Up?

Slightly Scaffolded Fifteen Project:

More Scaffolded Fifteen Project:

Completed Fifteen Project:

Red Dots:

Two in Each Row/Column:

Racing Cars Partially Completed Project:

Racing Cars Completed Project:

Simple Calculator:

Farmer, Fox and Chicken:


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Scratch Info Cards:

Book – Coding for Beginners Using Scratch:

Book – Coding Games in Scratch:

Book – Scratch Programing in Easy Steps::

Advanced Book – Learn to Program with Scratch: