OTF Math Office Hours With Leanne Oliver – June 23, 2021

OTF Math Office Hours gives beginning teachers and teacher candidates the opportunity to ask questions about math concepts and procedures and to receive support from a teacher qualified in math. Our contacts at the Ontario Teacher Candidates’ Council (OTCC) have expressed support for this program.

Facilitator: Leanne Oliver


  • To access Leanne’s participants’ diagnostic/needs assessment Padlet visit: https://padlet.com/mrs_oliver/RefreshConcepts
  • To access Leanne’s Delta Math Practice Exercises, you will need to create an account. Follow the instructions in the attached “Delta” .pdf document.
  • To create a Desmos account to work through activities modelled by Leanne during her session, follow the instructions in the attached “DESMOS .pdf document.
  • The attached “What Would You Do_EQAO” .pdf document provides questions from previous EQAO Grade 9 Math assessments.