AQ Health and Physical Education Intermediate/Senior, Specialist (Windsor) (blended)

May 1, 2017 to January 27, 2021

  • Category: AQ
  • Region: Southern Ontario
  • Topic: Health and Physical Education
  • Grades: Intermediate (grades 7-10), Senior (grades 11-12)

The Additional Qualification course: Health and Physical Education (Intermediate,Senior), Specialist extends the knowledge and skills from Part II for all teachers in both elementary and secondary schools. Theory and discussion of important issues culminate in a practical leadership project that will demonstrate the candidate’s foundational learning and understanding in Health and Physical Education (Intermediate, Senior), Specialist. Candidates will use their knowledge of curriculum documents and of student development to demonstrate the development of positive learning experiences. Candidates will help motivate students to develop a commitment and a positive attitude towards lifelong healthy active living in order to live satisfying, productive lives. Candidates will have opportunities to apply and demonstrate their learning using practical and theoretical experiences. The course combines an in-depth knowledge of Health and Physical Education with a focus on leadership skills.

Topics in this course include:

  •  modeling and promoting programs which endorse healthy active living and helping students develop a commitment towards lifelong healthy active living
  • teaching others about a comprehensive approach to health education that emphasizes healthy living skills and a shared responsibility between parents, schools, health care systems and a variety of other community supports
  • demonstrating knowledge of brain-mind research, and stages of curriculum review, design, and implementation
  • modeling the use, understanding and modification of expectations, strategies and assessment practices based on the developmental and special needs of all students
  • examining systems of curriculum implementation support that include mentoring, train-the-trainer and peer-led workshops
  • sharing program plans that provide students with opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge required to participate in physical activities throughout their lives
  • advocating for balanced Health and Physical Education programs which include fundamental movement skills and principles, sport/game strategies, safe practices, active participation, physical fitness, living skills and healthy living
  • analyzing career path opportunities and understanding options available for students taking Health and Physical Education
  • building on resources and networks within and beyond the educational system to enhance and support student learning
  • strengthening and supporting connections to intramural and extracurricular programs that support students in leading healthy active lives
  • adapting and personalizing computer technology and programs to support the implementation of quality Health and Physical Education programs

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  • Organizer: University of Windsor
  • Cost: AQ Courses: Online $685.00, Blended: $735.00 or $780. ABQ Courses: Online $735.00, Blended $780.00. Onsite courses range from $735-$780. See website for additional details.
  • Location: Education Gym
  • City: Windsor
  • Province: Ontario
  • Country: Canada
  • Website:
  • Contact: Centre for Executive and Professional Education
  • Phone: 519-253-3000 ext.6734
  • Email: