Making a Difference: Using Assessment for Learning and the Three-Part Lesson Plan to Improve Student Achievement in Math

Resources Used

  • Open Questions for the Three-Part Lesson by Marian Small
  • PRIME Measurement Strand Kit by Marian Small
  • Moving Math by Maria Luisa Lebar and Mary Fiore
  • Teaching Math with Meaning by Cathy Marks Krpan
  • Visible Learning for Mathematics: What Works Best to Optimize Student Learning by John Hattie, Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey
  • The Formative 5: Everyday Assessment Techniques for Every Math Classroom by Francis Fennell, Beth McCord Kobett and Jonathan A. Wray
  • Taking Shape: Activities to Develop Geometric and Spatial Thinking by Joan Moss, Catherine D. Bruce, Bev Caswell), Tara Flynn, Zachary Hawes
  • What to Look For by Alex Lawson
  • Guides to Effective Instruction Measurement Grades 4 to 6