Supporting Mastery Learning Through Access to Technology

Resources Used

Khan Academy (also an app) – math instructional videos and practice

Mathletics (subscriptions available for purchase)

– ebooks and practice assessments for all components of Ontario curriculum

Maths Is Fun

– easy-to-follow instructional math website with examples and some interactives

Manitoulin Math

– our technology/math blog

Website with links to many good math blogs

Kyle Pearce – “Tap into Teen Minds” – great leader of iPads in the classroom as well as engaging lessons (and can be followed on Twitter also)

Keeler, Alice. 50 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom.

(can also follow her on Twitter)

Jon Orr’s website (also on Twitter) – math teacher with great ideas who uses technology and hands-on to engage students

Favourite apps for general use (any subject) –

Mindmapping, Tellagami, Sock Puppets, Explain Everything, Show Me, Educreations, Nearpod



Favourite math apps –

Gizmos, Khan Academy, CK-12, Nearpod

Estimation 180 – daily number sense worksheets/activities

(not technology-based, just a good resource)

Jo Boaler’s website for engaging math activities (again, not technology-based but good site!)

Nearpod (also an app)

– if you buy the teacher subscription ($100 per year), you can assign lessons for kids to do at their own pace or whenever they like

(either make your own lessons or find paid or free interactive lessons designed by others)

EDpuzzle (also an app) – lets you EASILY take any YouTube video and insert questions and comments throughout to ensure student is engaged and learning the important aspects of the video

– also lets you save the video so that it will play for the students when YouTube is blocked!

Socrative (online quiz maker/taker) – also an app

Kahoot! – fun online quiz maker/taker

If people have any questions or would like resources we have created or would like to contact us, we’d love to hear from you:

Erin Rose (business teacher) – [email protected]

Tina Balfe (math – 1P and 2P especially) – [email protected]

Heather Theijsmeijer – (math and science (physics especially)) – [email protected]