Lesson Plan

Teaching Grade 10 Science using an Inquiry Approach

This resource takes an inquiry based approach to teaching the new science curriculum in grade 10. The approach outlined encourages students to ask questions and learn through personal observation, peer teaching and teacher instruction. It includes sample lessons and culminating tasks for optics (physics unit) and chemical reactions (chemistry unit). Connections to the curriculum expectations are included, as well as prior knowledge identified. Each resource package includes a unit planner and topic organizer, guides and templates for teachers, topic lists for independent student investigation, rubrics and student handouts. This approach provides teachers with ideas that can easily be transferred to other units of study.

This resource has two parts:

Chemistry unit outline & lessons
Physics unit outline and lessons
Files Include:

Inquiry Chemistry
Household Chemical Analysis
Household Chemical Analysis Marking Rubric
Inquiry Optics
Exploring Light Experimental Setup
Conference Rubric
Exploring Light Experimental Setup
Exploring Light Lab Goal Proposal
Exploring Light Lab Protocol Proposal