Co-integrated Resources to Support the Revised Elementary Science and Technology Curriculum

This webinar is designed to increase teachers’ confidence in navigating the revised Science and Technology curriculum, including cross-curricular instruction and culturally responsive and relevant pedagogy.

Join us as we explore resources created by Ontario teachers which provide examples of promising practices in elementary science and technology for grades 1-8. Among the free, practical resources, are Long Range Planning models, (a series of learning experiences that include curriculum expectations, learning goals, success criteria, teaching and learning activities, resources and materials, assessment opportunities, and important equity, diversity, and inclusivity considerations to support all learners) and a resource guide for Coding and Computational Thinking.


Zoom Webinar Presentation

Presenter: Shella Rhodes


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Sheila Rhodes is the Elementary Resource Director for the Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario (STAO).  Sheila is the Project Manager for the Science & Technology curriculum support resources developed in collaboration with STAO, OCTE (Ontario Council for Technology Education), and ACSE (Association for Computer Studies Educators). ​


Sheila is also an Associate Teaching Professor in the Faculty of Education at Ontario Tech University where she teaches PJ Science and Technology, Coding and Communication, and Environmental Education.


Sheila’s Presentation

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