Curriculum Connections and Examples that Create Mirrors, Windows and Revolving/ Sliding doors for Students

In this webinar, we will use the principles of Culturally Responsive, Relevant and Sustaining Pedagogies to make curriculum connections to our teaching approaches to create Mirrors, Windows and Revolving/ Sliding doors for Students. We will explore how an ‘asset-based’ approach to the curriculum allows students to not only see themselves reflected in their learning, but to also see the world and how all that can become a springboard for meaningful learning.

Dr. Andrew Allen is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Windsor and the Director of the Joint PhD in Educational Studies [in partnership with BrockU, UWindsor and LakeheadU]. He is a former elementary classroom teacher in the Toronto District School Board and former Course Director at York University. He is also the former UWindsor Anti-Racism Pedagogies Teaching Leadership Chair and Coordinator of the Urban Education Partnership teacher education program.



Slide Presentation

Rethinking Mathematics – 2nd Edition: “Teaching Social Justice by the Numbers”

Edited by Eric Gutstein and Bob Peterson offers teaching ideas, lesson plans, and reflections by practitioners and mathematics educators. This is real-world math–math that helps students analyze social problems as they gain essential academic skills.

“Multiplication Is for White People”Raising Expectations for Other People’s Children by Lisa Delpit on how to fix the persistent black/white achievement gap in America’s public schools.

“Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code” by Ruha Benjamin focuses on a range of ways in which social hierarchies, particularly racism, are embedded in the logical layer of internet-based technologies.

Math That Matters – A Teacher Resource Linking Math and Social Justice by David Stocker provides lesson plans that explore the links between mathematics and social justice  Link to PDF

Math That Matters 2 by David Stocker provides a collection of lessons for grades 6-9 that link mathematics and social justice.