Designing Interactive Literacy Projects with Google Suites

In this webinar, teachers will learn how to create digital literacy lessons from start to finish, which will include managing and creating assignments through Google Classroom & Drive, creating interactive Ebooks using Slides, using screen casting to record their projects while building student digital portfolios in Drive that can be shared to a global audience.

Audience: Grades 2 – 12


Kyle Kitchen


Google Comic Tutorial for class use

Good sites for PNG images include:

Websites with customizable fonts/logos:

Inserting music into a Slide

Adding yourself into a Slide

Do Ink Green Screen cheat sheet

YouTube video of Screencasting your book

Example of Google Forms CYOA

YouTube video of Stop Motion Book Report

Programs Apps:

Pixlr photo editor

Beautiful Audio (Chrome App)


Bitmoji (Chrome extension)

Clap Motion (Chrome App)

Stop Motion Animator (Chrome App)

Frames 6

OSAPAC (free for Ontario teachers)

Multimedia Sites:

 Screencast sites

Nimbus Screen Shot



Thanks to:

Eric Curts


Melanie Kitchen


Matt Miller


Kyle Kitchen