OSAPAC Resources – SAMR and Digital Citizenship

The Ontario Software Acquisition Program Advisory Committee (OSAPAC) researches, recommends and licenses software or digital resources for all students in Ontario. This past year, OSAPAC has developed two resources that will help support technology enhanced learning environments and this session will provide an overview of those two projects: SAMR and Digital Citizenship.

SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition)

SAMR is a framework for considering the effective integration of technology beginning with the substitution of traditional tasks with new tools, and moving on towards augmentation, modification and redefinition of learning tasks. In order to help instructional leaders, administrators, teachers, and other educators see how Ministry licensed digital resources can be used to help facilitate and support evolving classroom practices, the OSAPAC Team and a group of teachers from around the province have developed some scaffolded supports around licensed products and their use. This session will highlight various Ministry licensed software titles and the various ways that teachers on the writing team have considered a SAMR lens when developing activities.


The Digital Citizenship resource identifies existing digital citizenship links and lessons that integrate with curriculum activities to support our students in the development of 21st century skills. Join us as we look at some of the teacher developed lesson and supports that will help guide your students as digital citizens.

Audience: All levels