Problem Based Learning: How to solve real world issues in today’s classroom – Part 1

In this session, teachers will gain an understanding of how to facilitate problem based learning in their classrooms at any grade level. Discover how to engage students in addressing a relevant social or environmental issue while meeting curriculum expectations in multiple strands. Teachers will learn how to develop an effective research question, create an action plan and draw on community resources as they carry out their plan. This webinar is relevant to teachers of all grades and subject areas. A planning template will be provided along with links to online resources.

Part 1 will focus on developing a research question and an action plan.
Part 2 will focus on building cross curricular tasks in and assessment.

Presenter: Jennifer Kranenburg

Audience: K-Gr. 12


Email: [email protected]

Jennifer on Twitter: @JennKranenburg


Too Many Geese:

Developing a Question:

Primary Social Studies Doc:    

Junior Science Doc:  

Intermediate Science Doc:  

Healthy Food:

Discovering Solutions: 

Potential Solution:

Staying Organized Template:

Community: Challenge Based Learning in the Elementary Classroom by Sharon Drummond and Jennifer Kranenburg

Full Length Engaging Education: Tedx Talk

Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat; Problem Based Learning in Mathematics

Student Achievement Division; Project Based Learning, Drawing on Best Practices in Project Management h

21st Century Competencies; Foundation Document for Discussion