Head First into HyperDocs!

This workshop offers teachers an innovative way to deliver content, elicit student creations, and organize student work using a multitude of tech tools. In this session, teachers will explore HyperDocs at various grade levels, creating a MultiMedia Text Set, then designing meaningful learning activities for students. HyperDocs offer diverse learning activities aligned with Bloom’s Taxonomy, as a model that promotes differentiated instruction, collaboration, and independent learning. Using HyperDocs, you will become a better planner, improve your own research skills, and provide relevant, engaging tasks to your students.

We will explore different templates curated by the creators of HyperDocs, as well as excellent samples from WRDSB teachers who have learned with me in the past year. Participants will come away with a bank of resources, contacts, and fresh ideas around how to deliver engaging, diverse learning tasks to students of all ages.

Presenter: Alison Bullock

Audience: Gr. 1-12