Remixing High School English

The English curriculum provides numerous opportunities for inquiry, student choice, and a wide variety of texts. How can we provide these opportunities to our students? This webinar will explore how we can meet these expectations, including an approach that combines inquiry and spiraling, lots of student choice, and a plethora of texts. It will also explain how D2L can be used in an English classroom.
In this session, teachers will learn 6 key inquiry questions:

1. How does this text work? (conventions, techniques)
2. Who is it for? (audience)
3. Why was it created? (purpose and intent)
4. How does voice impact my understanding of the text?
5. What intended and unintended value messages does it contain?
6. How can I apply the criteria above to my own work?

Presented by: Jim Pedrech
Audience: Grades 9-12

 Everything is a Remix part 3

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