OTF Math Office Hours – June 2, 2021 with Leanne Oliver

OTF Math Office Hours gives beginning teachers and teacher candidates the opportunity to ask questions about math concepts and procedures and to receive support from a teacher qualified in math. Our contacts at the Ontario Teacher Candidates’ Council (OTCC) have expressed support for this program.

Moderator: Leanne Oliver

  • To access Leanne’s participants’ diagnostic/needs assessment Padlet visit: https://padlet.com/mrs_oliver/RefreshConcepts
  • To access Leanne’s Delta Math Practice Exercises, you will need to create an account. Follow the instructions in the attached “Delta.pdf document.
  • To create a Desmos account to work through activities modelled by Leanne during her session, follow the instructions in the attached “DESMOS .pdf document.
  • The attached “What Would You Do_EQAO” .pdf document provides questions from previous EQAO Grade 9 Math assessments



Using Math Moments to Multiply Math Skills: Using Math Moments is a series of 10 webinars designed to develop conceptual understanding and to lead both students and you to being better positioned to generate algorithms to build procedural fluency.