Sparking Rich Dialogue with Digital Provocations in Math

How can a simple image spark a mathematical discussion? How can a short video spark curiosity and wonder? How can we engage even our most reluctant learners into deep mathematical exploration with digital provocations? In this session we will build on the work of individuals like Dan Meyer and Kyle Pearce and explore how we can use digital provocations/invitations in our classroom. Participants will explore and share a variety of sources for good digital provocations, as well as create a digital provocation for the learning goal they are exploring in class.

Presenter: Tina Zita

Audience: K-8


Contact Tina:

Twitter: @tina_zita

P: /misszita

Instagram: @misszita

Blue Whale Exhibit at the ROM 

Pic Collage 

Google Drawings

Apple Clips

Slide Model

How to Make Math Meaningful

Dan Meyer on Real World Math

Flipp App Flyers

Michael Jordan Image

How to Annotate Pic Collage

Mrs. Horn’s Class Sample

Google Drawing How to

Math Spark Video via Twitter

App overview 

Math Monkey

WODB math website