Teaching through Problem Solving in Intermediate Math

This session is the third in a 3-part series entitled Targeting the 6 C’s through BYOD In Intermediate Math.

Session 3: Teaching through Problem Solving in Intermediate Math
Creating the problems while using BYOD to support. In this session teachers will work together to create problems that can be used to address the concepts in the Intermediate math class. Examples of Dan Meyer Three-Act problems that connect to intermediate curriculum will be used to help prompt discussion. Current events and local issues can also be used to design and share our own problems. This session also includes conversation around classroom successes and struggles in teaching intermediate math through problem solving.

This series looks at different digital tools which are appropriate for BYOD classrooms and which support rich student learning through problem solving. Creating interactive math classes and capturing student thinking can help support effective teaching through problem solving. The first two sessions investigate different tools while the last session includes brainstorming and sharing problems that can be used in class to prompt great collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication in math.

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Audience: Intermediate


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