The Progression of Multiplication: From Arrays and Area Models to the Standard Algorithm and Beyond

We’ve all heard it before; kids don’t know their multiplication facts! While this may or may not be true, what is more important than simply memorization multiplication facts is building a conceptual understanding of what multiplication means, how to visualize multiplication and how the standard algorithm for multiplication really works. Let’s start in primary where the beginnings of multiplication are introduced, explore some key cross-strand connections we can make along the journey and show how these deep conceptual understandings can help support student understanding of abstract concepts that arise in grade 9 and 10. As always, we will approach this learning with tasks that are contextual, visual and concrete.

Interested on building up to these mathematical concepts? Check out the recording of Matthew Oldridge’s webinar, From Counting to Multiplication: A Developmental Perspective on Teaching Mathematics in K-3.

Audience: Intermediate