Voting Rights through Time: Inquiry and Blended Learning

How inclusive is our democracy? Find out how Elections Canada’s resource Voting Rights Through Time can help your students explore inclusion in voting rights by examining historical evidence. In this webinar, we will share how you can use the new blended learning tools for this activity, whether your learning environment is face-to-face, virtual or a hybrid. Our strategies and tools can be blended together seamlessly in any way that works for you and your students. We will explore the case studies of Japanese-Canadians, women, youth and First Nations peoples in this hands-on, interactive presentation. 

Zoom Webinar – Presentation 

Presenter:  Zoe Flatman and Rachel Collishaw 

Audience: Grades 7-12


Slide Presentation

Poll – Who is here Today?

Think of a time when you felt excluded from something.

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