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Monday, May 01

English Intermediate ABQ (UOIT) (online)

This course will provide you with the following: An extension of the skills and knowledge for teaching in the intermediate division. A strong understanding of the underlying principles of the English (first language) Intermediate division program. Successful completion of the course developed from this guideline enables teachers to receive the ABQ: Intermediate Division, English (First… English Intermediate ABQ (UOIT) (online)

ESL Part 1 AQ (online)

Please visit website for course details and registration information.  

Green Industries Grades 11 and 12 ABQ (OISE) (blended)

The course expands on the 5 main sectors of the Green Industries: Landscaping, Horticulture, Agriculture, Forestry and Floristry. The complexity of this sector requires instructors to be diversified in a variety of skills that can be facilitated in a wide variety of learning environments at the Senior Level. Instructional strategies include cooperative learning, problem-solving and… Green Industries Grades 11 and 12 ABQ (OISE) (blended)

Integration and Computer Technology in the Classroom Part 1 AQ (UOIT) (online)

This introductory course focuses on the development of skills and knowledge in the design, delivery and assessment of curriculum through information and communication technology. It provides a basic foundation in the use of information and communication technology as an educational tool within the classroom setting. Also provided is an exploration of integrated delivery models for… Integration and Computer Technology in the Classroom Part 1 AQ (UOIT) (online)