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Monday, May 01

Junior Basic ABQ (UOIT) (online)

You will examine how students in the junior division acquire the knowledge, concepts and skills in several basic areas of the curriculum. Areas of study include: Assessment and evaluation; Child development; Learning strategies; and The Ontario curriculum. Please visit website for additional information.

Reading Part 1 AQ (UOIT) (online)

Reading – Part 1 AQ is an introductory course that focuses on the relevant research evidence underpinning effective reading instruction. It is of interest to teachers who wish to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills in effective reading instruction. You will have an opportunity to reflect, apply your learning and share your experiences. Critical to reading instruction… Reading Part 1 AQ (UOIT) (online)

Science General Intermediate ABQ (UOIT) (online)

Science General (Intermediate) is a prerequisite for teaching science and technology in grades 7 to 10. It serves a diverse group of previously qualified teachers. You must have a background in this area and be a teacher who is: New to the Ontario school system; Making divisional changes; Planning to move into administrative positions; and… Science General Intermediate ABQ (UOIT) (online)

Science General Senior Chemistry ABQ (UOIT) (online)

This course provides candidates with an extension of skills and knowledge required to teach the chemistry program in grades 11 and 12. Candidates come to the Science General Senior (Chemistry) ABQ course with an interest or background in this subject matter. Successful completion of the course enables teachers to receive the Additional Qualification: Senior Division,… Science General Senior Chemistry ABQ (UOIT) (online)