ABQ Technological Design, Grades 11 and 12 (Windsor, Summer 2024, Online)

June 3, 2024 to August 19, 2024

  • Category: ABQ, Online
  • Region: Central Ontario, Eastern Ontario, GTA, Northern Ontario, Southern Ontario
  • Topic: Technological Education
  • Grades: Senior (grades 11-12)

The Additional Qualification course in Technological Design Grades 11 and 12, serves a diverse group of previously qualified Technological Education teachers or general studies teachers who meet the requirements of the definition of Technological Qualifications in the Teachers’ Qualifications Regulation. Candidates include teachers who want to become qualified to teach another Broad-Based Technology (BBT) or become qualified for the Honour Technological Studies Specialist course. Candidates enter the Additional Qualification course in Technological Design Grades 11 and 12, with 12 months of related work experience and/or academic background in this field of technology as per regulatory requirements  Teachers qualified in Technological Design Grades 11 and 12 facilitate active learning by combining knowledge of student development and learning with knowledge and understanding of subject matter and technological expertise. Successful candidates are required to demonstrate technical proficiency in each of the technologies identified in Part 7, Demonstrated Competence in Technological Design Grades 11 &12

Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate proficiency in:

  •  demonstrate the use of the design process and apply it in the design and construction of a prototype or model
  • demonstrate project management skills
  •  research and analyze pertinent information from appropriate resources to help in the design of a model or prototype
  • demonstrate the safe and appropriate use of tools and equipment used in the construction of a prototype or model
  • identify and use established criteria to test and evaluate the prototype or model
  • provide a portfolio that provides evidence of their skills and achievements
  • use drafting standards, conventions and guidelines to create 2-D and 3-D hand-drafted and computer-based technical drawings of appropriate design ideas of prototypes or models
  • create freehand sketches to help brainstorm initial design concepts for curriculum
  • create presentation-quality drawing using a variety of principles and elements of graphic design
  • create a technical report and an oral presentation substantiating the decisions made in each of the stages of the design process.

See website for additional information.

  • Organizer: University of Windsor
  • Cost: Three-Part AQ: $685.00, Additional Basic AQ: $735.00, Honour Specialist: $735.00, Tech Studies: $725.00. See for details.
  • Location: Online
  • Website:
  • Contact: Centre for Executive and Professional Education
  • Phone: 519-253-3000 ext.6734
  • Fax: 519-256-8572
  • Email: [email protected]