Business Studies – Information and Communications Technology Part 2 AQ (Western, Summer 2020, Online)

July 2, 2020 to July 31, 2020

  • Category: AQ, Online
  • Region: Central Ontario, Eastern Ontario, GTA, Northern Ontario, Outside Ontario, Southern Ontario
  • Topic: Business Studies
  • Grades: Intermediate (grades 7-10), Senior (grades 11-12)

The course will focus on instructional methods for teaching business in Senior grades. Consideration will be given to curriculum development and appropriate supporting materials.


  1. Official transcript from your university. The official, sealed transcript must be mailed by the institution(s) you attended to:ASPIRE Program
    Faculty of Education
    Western University
    1137 Western Road
    London, ON N6G 1G7

    *B.Ed transcript is not required.  Click HERE for transcripts from institutions outside of Canada.

  2. If you have a copy of your transcript(s), we request that you also fax it to 519.850.2526 or email it to after your registration.  Doing so will help us to confirm your eligibility and allow time for other options to be considered if you are not eligible for the course.  NOTE:  The copy is not considered official and your admission will not be finalized until the official transcript is received from the institution(s).
  3. The Teaching Experience Form, completed and signed by the appropriate supervisory officer, must be mailed or faxed to 519.850.2526 or emailed to by the supervisory office.  *NOTE: If you previously completed another Part 2 and/or Specialist AQ as listed on your CQR, the Teaching Experience form is not required.
  4. The above documentation must be received by the ASPIRE office prior to the start date of the AQ course.  Failure to submit required documentation may result in your removal from the course.


  1. General Certificate of Qualification and Registration (CQR) in good standing indicating successful completion of Business Studies (Info & Comm Tech) Part 1, OR is deemed to have Part 1 based on holding Intermediate or Senior qualifications in the subject area.
    (CQR copy is not required as our office will verify Part 1 completion via the online OCT Public Register.)
  2. At least two full year university courses in info & business systems and/or computer science.
    Note that course weights vary across institutions. Courses weighted as 3 credits are likely to be half courses.
  3. Evidence of one year of successful classroom teaching experience, verified by a supervisory officer.  The supervisory officer is the superintendent of the school board (not the principal) or in the case of private schools, the Ministry of Education official assigned to provide supervisory services.  Teaching experience must be completed AFTER initial teacher certification and PRIOR to the first day of the course.


  • IMPORTANT:  Due to the combined nature of many of the course discussions, course candidates are permitted to enroll in only one Business or Computer Studies subject course per session.  These subject courses include: Business Studies-General, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Information & Communication Technology, Computer Studies.  Should a candidate enroll in more than one Social Sciences subject course in the same session, they will be required to transfer to another course or withdraw.  Withdrawals are subject to the $100 non-refundable deposit applied to all refund amounts.
  • If you hold a Transitional Certificate of Qualification and Registration, you cannot enroll in an Additional Qualifications course.
  • Teachers trained outside of Ontario, and wishing to teach in Ontario, must be a fully registered member of the Ontario College of Teachers PRIOR to registration in an AQ.
  • Exceptions to the above are made for trained teachers from other jurisdictions who do not plan to teach in Ontario. Contact for more information.

PRE-EVALUATION OPTION: Admission is dependent on meeting the academic prerequisites. If you are unsure of your eligibility, it is strongly advised to have your transcript assessed prior to enrollment in the AQ course. Pre-evaluation requests must be received by the ASPIRE Program office no later than 10 days prior to registration deadline for the session. Check Frequently Asked Questions for instructions on requesting a pre-assessment.

For withdrawals due to non-eligibility, the university refund policy will apply. See Course Withdrawal/Refund under Policies and Guidelines.

Note: This is a Business Studies courses, not Integration of Information and Computer Technology in Instruction.

  • Organizer: Western University
  • Cost: See
  • Location: Online
  • Website:
  • Contact: ASPIRE Office
  • Phone: 519-661-2092
  • Email: