Computer Technology Grades 9/10 ABQ (Queen’s, Summer 2023, Online)

June 26, 2023 to August 11, 2023

  • Category: ABQ, Online
  • Region: Central Ontario, Eastern Ontario, GTA, Northern Ontario, Southern Ontario
  • Topic: Technological Education
  • Grades: Intermediate (grades 7-10)

The Additional Basic Qualification course in Computer Technology provides students with an opportunity to acquire and refine computer technology skills and teaching skills by completing a number of projects, participating in online discussions, and creating blogs and wikis. Candidates will learn how current teaching practices apply to computer technology education, and will consider a number of unique challenges presented by the computer technology classroom. They will have the opportunity to develop and share a number of classroom activities and curriculum units.

Topics studied in this course include:

– Teaching skills and classroom management in a computer technology class
– Curriculum writing
– Legal and ethical responsibilities and the role of the teacher
– Assessment and Evaluation
– Differentiated instruction
– Effective Parent/Teacher communication and collaboration
– Classroom and course structure and organization
– Procurement of equipment, supplies, resources and funding
– Dealing with hardware and software obsolescence
– IT requirements and challenges

Technical Knowledge required for this course:

– Computer Hardware – knowledge of computer parts and assembly of a computer
– Operating Systems – installation and configuration of Windows and Linux
– Binary and Logic – knowledge of binary numbers and logic gates
– Programming – basic computer programming including variables, input-output, if-statements and loops
– Electronics – theory and construction of circuits, breadboarding, soldering
– Interfacing –connecting electronics to the computer and controlling it from software (input and output, such as switches and LED lights)
– Networking – basic knowledge of computer networking.

This course runs June 26 – August 11, 2017. Please visit website for additional information and registration.