Assessment Technology in Primary Physical Education

Area(s) of Focus: technology
Division(s): Primary, Junior
Level(s): Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8
Keyword(s): gym, ipad, primary

What to use in Primary Physical Education Assessment – involving iPads.

Our goal was to examine various iPad applications and their use in Primary Planning Time classes, with a focus on physical education. A primary “gym” teacher may have upwards of 160 students to assess and report on each term. What apps will assist her/him?

Apps looked at were: Coach’s Eye, CollabraCam, Three Ring, Just Dance Now, VideoTagger and Podcasts.

The findings were presented at staff workshops and at the Connect Conference in Niagara Falls (May 2015).

Team Members

  • Chris Rapin

    Simcoe County District School Board

  • Lynette Campbell-Holliday

    Simcoe County District School Board

Professional Learning Goals

  1. Meaningful large group assessment using iPads. Research apps using Internet, Podcasts and Peer Survey. Prioritize and investigate.
  2. Determine effective iPad apps for physical education – implement various apps within our phys-ed program – for teacher and student (self-assessment). Review and make recommendations based on findings.
  3. Develop a workshop/presentation for peers, then present.

Activities and Resources

Survey conducted amongst other teachers to determine which apps they use in gym and for assessment.

Listen to PE Geek Podcasts and other sources to determine effective apps that may not have come from the survey.

Decided to look at and test: Coach’s Eye, VideoTagger, Just Dance Now and Three Ring amongst others.

Unexpected Challenges

One of the challenges was connectivity within the gym setting.

Enhancing Student Learning and Development

Several of the apps reviewed can be used for enhanced, effective learning for both the students, their families and teachers involved.

Students loved the ability to watch their activity within gym class using Slo-Motion mode of Coach’s Eye.

Students enjoyed seeing their progress amongst their peers using Just Dance Now.

We appreciated the ability to focus in on the “look fors” when using VideoTagger.

Three Ring’s digital portfolio allows a teacher to quickly make a note, take a picture, record audio/video and inform parents via email. It was effective for over 10 classes worth of information.


We have presented at staff meetings and the Connect Conference in Niagara Falls.

Project Evaluation

We are both much more familiar with iPad apps that benefit our “prep teacher” way of life.

We are more confident that our assessment is effective and touches on things that will truly help our students develop.

We have addressed connectivity issues with our admin and that will hopefully not be a stumbling block in the future as we develop our use of technology in gym assessment.

Resources Used

Listen to the PE Geek Podcasts where he talks about the latest technology available for teaching components of physical education and health.