Math Electronic Portfolio

Area(s) of Focus: technology, math, well being, curriculum
Division(s): Primary, Junior
Level(s): Grade 1, Grade 6

Use OneNote to enhance student learning in the area of math. Students will have a rule book in OneNote that they can access and will be able to carry forward to future years. These portfolios will benefit all students in all ability levels.

Use electronic portfolios (Microsoft OneNote) to enhance student learning as well as for pedagogical documentation in the area of math. Students will have access to use technology to show their thinking and carry their work forward to future years by having a math rule book. As a primary teacher, I would use work submitted as evidence of their learning and their knowledge. OneNote offers many possibilities for both teacher and student when using the program, such as the drawing tools, recording their voice and taking pictures right onto the document. These portfolios will benefit ALL students and ALL ability levels because the student’s portfolio will be specific to them. Whether they can record their voice to provide an answer to a math question or show the answer by taking pictures, they are still showing they know the answer, just using different strategies.

Team Members

  • Ellie Larizza

    London District Catholic School Board

  • Richard Annesley

    London District Catholic School Board

Professional Learning Goals

  • Gained insight into students learning process so we can be more responsive in our feedback and through our instruction
  • By using technology, we better informed our students as 21st century learners, especially since not everything assessed in the classroom should come from paper and pencil

Activities and Resources

  • Teachers will collaborate to develop OneNote online math binders
  • Teachers will use 21st century learning to help students problem-solve
  • Teachers will engage in co-planning and co-teaching
  • Teachers will meet with the principal and review the student documentation
  • Teachers will combine our Grade 6 and Grade 1 classes so Grade 6s can assist the Grade 1s with logging in and showing them the OneNote program (using pictures, drawing tools, recording features)
  • Students will work on iPadS or Chromebooks to do their work without worries of having to save or lose their work

Unexpected Challenges

  • Shortage with supply teachers in our board which prevented release days so after-school meetings were required to work on our project
  • iPads were not always reliable and some students had a difficult time logging in
  • Not enough technology at times for our students

Enhancing Student Learning and Development

Students took ownership of their learning by creating numeracy rule books for each math strand. OneNote allowed the students to insert pictures, as well as use paint tools and voice-over on any of their work. As students began to familiarize themselves with OneNote, they also collaborated more, and shared tips and tricks with their peers. Students also showed a gain in confidence explaining their own math thinking. Many students increased their participation in math discussions and wanted to share their virtual binders with both peers and teachers.


  • The virtual binders have been shared with peers, parents and staff members at the school. Other teachers within our board have also asked to learn more about creating OneNote binders.
  • The students have access to their individual OneNote binders and can be used when they are in Grade 2 and Grade 7 next year

Project Evaluation

  • We feel that the project was a success based on work presented by the students and by their feedback
  • In Grade 1, students were able to show different ways of working through math problems and collaborate with others
  • Both grades were able to show what they know in the math strands in ways which they were comfortable. Students felt successful in what they submitted.
  • In Grade 6, students were able to create rule books that will be carried forward next year