Partnering Tech and Math

Area(s) of Focus: technology, math
Division(s): Intermediate, Senior
Level(s): Grade 10, Grade 12

Partnering of mathematics and tech classes to create a real life product.

Our goal was to create a link between the abstract (mathematics) and the real world through the design and creation of a product in a tech classroom.  Students and staff in both math and tech collaborated and partnered together to learn a mathematical concept. By creating a product in a construction lab, the students solidified their understanding of the mathematical concept. By doing this, we hoped to show students that math has real life applications and can at times be exciting.

Team Members

  • Jaime Mitchell

    Halton District School Board

  • Craig Sagan

    Halton District School Board

  • Stephanie Briggs

    Halton District School Board

  • Doug Kent

    Halton District School Board

Professional Learning Goals

  • Reduce mathematical anxiety, particularly among those who hate math and are at most risk to not graduate high school
  • Increase design creativity
  • Link curriculum between mathematics and technology
  • Increase collaboration between staff and students of different disciplines
  • Show students and staff that it is okay to take risks while learning (and teaching!)

Activities and Resources

  • Full day of release time to co-plan an activity
  • Three days of collaborative team teaching in mathematics and tech classes
  • Building of CO2 race cars
  • Half-day debrief between students and teachers
  • One period of presentation of final product and racing CO2 cars

Unexpected Challenges

  • Creating mixed ability teams between Grade 10 and Grade 12 students was a challenge.
  • Finding ways to allow all students to contribute to design was exciting.

Enhancing Student Learning and Development

  • Grade 12 MHF4U students were able to explore and understand the concept of correlation.
  • Grade 10 MFM2P students were introduced to from the experienced Grade 12 students.
  • Grade 10 tech students partnered with math students to learn measurement and estimation techniques.


  • CO2 Car Races were held in the main lobby of the school outside of the community library. Many students and teachers who were not involved were invited to watch.
  • Future plans have been made to refine the process and continue the project with the math and tech classes.
  • Pictures of the event were shared to the school community via Twitter.

Project Evaluation

  • Our project was successful. Feedback from the math students was that the process/project was the highlight of their semester.
  • In the future, more time will be spent in the tech classroom so that all students can have a hand in creating the race cars.
  • We plan to have tech students “teach” the math students how to use the machines in the tech classroom.

Resources Used

Used Camtasia to create MHF4U video lessons on Correlation and curve fitting.

Resources Created

These resources will open in your browser in a new tab, or be downloaded to your computer.