Lesson Plan

Inquiry Guide: Supporting Teachers in the Use of Inquiry

This resource is designed to support teachers in the use of inquiry with lessons based on the (2013) Revised Social Studies, History and Geography Curriculum and Environmental Education. In addition, support teachers in promoting student engagement through environmental stewardship and deepen environmental literacy.

 The Guide describes the social studies inquiry model for effective teaching and learning, and demonstrates how teachers can apply this model in their planning and delivery. It elaborates the framework within the revised curriculum, using framing questions and applying concepts of thinking related to social studies, history and geography (significance; cause and consequence; continuity and change; patterns and trends; interrelationships; and perspectives) to address curriculum expectations and critically examine the big ideas by discipline.

 Several junior and intermediate level social studies and geography lessons linked to environmental education illustrate how an inquiry-based approach engages critical thinking and encourages knowledge construction as students develop conceptual understanding. The Guide also suggests opportunities for field studies, use of digital and mobile technologies, cross-curricular extensions and relevant print and web resources. Appendices with detailed success criteria related to the Concepts of Thinking by discipline are included.